Pricing examples

Pricing exemples for year 2015

Privit lesson 350 SEK + travel expenses 25 SEK/mil (If it is longer than 30 min driving, I take 225 SEK per hour driving)
Group lesson 300 SEK + tavel expensen 25 SEK/mil (If it is longer than 30 min driving, I take 225 SEK per hour driving)

When you have book an lesson with me, I want to know what your goal is.
For me it's an important thing that everyone I train has a goal to strive for.
Another important part of our riding is our seat. Much of our problems with our horses usually sit in our seats and body. I will help you get into the correct position in the saddle and give you the keys, which you will be working with. This is just a beginning of an incredible feeling you will experience with your horse. Then you will experience a whole new communication with your horse. When you have a good possition in the saddle we will work with your goal and any other fun exercises.

I train beginners as well as more advanced riders.

Clinic 4500 SEK/ day + travel expenses 25 SEK/mil
Clinic 1/2 day 2500 SEK + travel expenses 25 SEK/mil
Maximum 10 people, if it´s more people than 10 the price is 500 SEK/pers

I'm designing a clinic after your wishes. I prefer that there is a maximum of 10 people per event, because I want everyone to get as much support they need.

Horse for training
Gelding and Mare 7500 SEK/month or 2500 SEK/week
Stallion 8500 SEK/month or 3000 SEK/week

When you leave your horse to me in for breaking and further education, I prefer that the horse will stay with me for at least 3 months. You have to know, It's a big change for the horse to move to a new place with new friends, odors and regulations. When I train horses I use soft and slow methods, so that the horse becomes a secure individual and knows and remembers what we expect of it.
You are welcome to visit me and feel free to check when I train your horse.
My wish is that before the horse go home again, you at least taken a lesson for me. So that you know what the horse has learned and follows its development.

Going to show your horse?
I can help you show your horse
If it´s just your horse that im going with i take 450 SEK/hour + 25 sek/mil
Otherwise i take 750 sek per class that I show your horse in.

Training your horse at your stable
450 SEK + travel expenses 25 SEK/mil (If it is longer than 30 min driving, I take 225 SEK per hour driving)

I can come to your home for training your horse (in for breaking or further education).

Laser treatment
Price is from 400 Sek + travel expenses 25 SEK/mil

I am a certified laser therapist, and if your horse have any problem with the body i whould like to help.
The price of a laser treatment depend of how big area i need to treat.
If you want to know more about laser, you can read more about it on my website under I provide.¨

Do you have any questions about any of this and are interested to know more, do not hesitate to call.