Don Miko, Born 2001, (Fynd-Domika x El Mokari) Gelding

This year's Western Arabian 2006 and 2012
2 Swedish champion gold medals in western
1 Swedish champion bronze medal in western
1 European champion silver medal all around titel in western
30 National medaljs in gold,silver and bronze. in western.

SA Bozall, Born 2009, (Ganges-Bola x Gazal Al Shaquab) Gelding

AHIS western champion winner 2013
SAHF This year´s western arabian 2014
AHIS western champion winner 2014

Elgir, Born 2013, (Ekstern-Eunora x Gazal Al Shaquab) Colt
Bred by Slängsboda Arabians, Sweden
Owner Carolina, Niklas & Jessica Schwieler, Sweden
Trained and Shown by Carolina Schwieler

Turbo star international nat c ant internat b show
C-Show Elgir was classwinner with 91,5 points, and stand as the Gold champion colt.
B-show: Eligir was second in his class with 88,37 (only beaten by 0,26 points)

Swedish Nationals Championship 88,67 points
3rd in a very strong yearling class, only beathn by 0,69 points

At an evaluation arrange by svenska hästavelsförbundet (Swedish horse breeding society) Judged by Morgan Johansson.
Elgir was awarded 42 points (under the 10 point system) and axtremely good comments.

30-31/5 -15
Turbo Star International nat c show.
Elgir was second in his class with 90.33 points and was standing as a Bronze Champion colt.