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Do you and your horse communicate?
To me communication is the foundation of everything and the means to reach the stars. If we are not aware of our own body language how will the horses then understand what we mean? Of course this applies both on the ground and in the saddle. I´ll help you and your horse to reach your goals. There are no limits to what we can do with our horses. It's just us stopping them from doing their job.

I give private lessons, clinics and take horses in for breaking (soft and slow methods) and further education. I also train and show horses at halter shows. Do your horse need laser treatment? I am a certified laser therapist. Let me know what you and your horse need. I will do my very best to meet your expectations.

Here is some information about what laser treatment can do;

The advantages: one therapy, many benefits

* powerful anti-inflammatory effect
* rapid scarring over of superficial wounds such as cuts and sores
* immediate improvement of local blood circulation
* rapid reduction of oedema
* speedy recovery of the structural integrity of damaged tissues
* reduction of pain in a short space of time
* short treatment times
* improvement of quality of life ( of the animal and its owner)

The metabolism of the affected tissue is rebalanced. The mechanisms which promote reparatory processes are activated and rapid healing is promoted. MLS® Laser Therapy is therefore an excellent solution for treating several complaints and particularly appreciated for its non invasiveness and for the rapid response it produces.
These advantages give the owners higher rates of satisfaction as they see results in just a few days.

This is some of the conditions that the laser can help your animal with:
Wound healing, Bursitis, Hygroma, Oedema, Haematoma/contusion, Osteoarthritis, Periostitis and exostosis formation, Fractures, Muscle sprain and strain, Muscle contracture, Trigger point, Acupuncture, Back pain, Sciatic nerve pain, Acute and chronic tendonitis, Acute and chronic tenosynovitis, Navicular disease, Laminitis, Stone bruise.

You can read more about MLS Laser Therapy here: